Sunshine Law – Right to know

Please send all request for information to Brandie Sherry via email, fax or postal mail. fax number is 814-546-2606, email is or our mailing address is 246 Railroad Street, Sinnemahoning, PA 15861

Once your request is made, I will have 5 days to respond or request an extension to be able to gather the information for you. There will be a $0.25 charge for any copies that are made and also the cost of postage will be charge to you.

forms can be found at www. or

Standard Right-to-Know Law Request Form Good communication is vital in the RTKL process. Complete this form thoroughly and retain a copy; it may be required if an appeal is filed. You have 15 business days to appeal after a request is denied or deemed denied. SUBMITTED TO AGENCY NAME: _____________________________________________________________________(Attn: AORO)   Date of Request: __________________________________

Submitted via:    □ Email     □ U.S. Mail     □ Fax     □ In Person   PERSON MAKING REQUEST:

  Name: ________________________________________________ Company (if applicable): ______________________________________   Mailing Address: ________________________________________________________________________________________________________   City: ____________________________  State: ________  Zip: ______________ Email: ____________________________________________   Telephone: ____________________________________________________ Fax: ____________________________________________________  

How do you prefer to be contacted if the agency has questions?  □ Telephone  □ Email  □ U.S. Mail  

RECORDS REQUESTED:Be clear and concise. Provide as much specific detail as possible, ideally including subject matter, time frame, and type of record or party names. RTKL requests should seek records, not ask questions. Requesters are not required to explain why the records are sought or the intended use of the records unless otherwise required by law. Use additional pages if necessary.   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________   ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________  

DO YOU WANT COPIES?   □ Yes, printed copies (default if none are checked)   □ Yes, electronic copies preferred if available  □ No, in-person inspection of records preferred (may request copies later) Do you want certified copies?  □ Yes (may be subject to additional costs)  □ No RTKL requests may require payment or prepayment of fees. See the Official RTKL Fee Schedule for more details.

Please notify me if fees associated with this request will be more than □ $100 (or) □ $____________. ___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________


Tracking: ____________________ Date Received: ____________________ Response Due (5 bus. days): ____________________   30-Day Ext.? □ Yes □ No (If Yes, Final Due Date: ___________________) Actual Response Date: ____________________   Request was: □ Granted   □ Partially Granted & Denied   □ Denied   Cost to Requester: $_____________________   □ Appropriate third parties notified and given an opportunity to object to the release of re