September Minutes



Chairman Robert Bushor called the Wednesday, September 8, 2021, meeting to order in the Grove Township Bldg. at 5:00pm,

Present were, Robert Bushor, Frank Ross, Walter Sipe and Brandie Sherry

Absent: none

Visitors: Dale Wood, LaDonna Ross



            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to accept the minutes as presented.

            All presents were in favor and the motion carried.


            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to accept the financial reports as presented.

            All presents were in favor and the motion carried.


            Our 2020 audit is done, Meghan said everything looked good. It has been submitted to DECED and approved.

            Brandie attended the Hazard mitigation planning meeting, and we discussed the risks that are both natural and man made and rated them on how often they may accrue, how long they will last, how many people will be affected and how big of an area will it effect.


            All three bridges are in on Jerry Run Road, still waiting some prices for the guide rail that needs to be installed.

            Benson Road has had the ditch cleaned up and there is one pipe on Kephart that is going to needed done

            They will not be doing the DSA project on Jerry Run Road due to the Karthus bridge being closed and it will make the hauling of material longer and therefore the cost will go up.

            Mike Gambino has replaced the doors on the restrooms at the ball field, and they are keyed alike as well as the other doors at the Recreation building.


            Dale Wood asked what year the f550 was, it is a 2017. Dale wants to know how using the f550 to haul material instead of the Mac truck to haul material saves money?

            Dale asked why Grove Township has lied about working with Gibson Township. He stated that in Gibson Township meeting minutes it states that Grove Township is helping Gibson Township repair their roads. It was explained that Grove Township was not asked to help Gibson, but that Frank, Robert and Butch did fill out applications and are being paid as part time workers for Gibson, it has nothing to do with Grove.

            Dale asked why the metal grating was cut off the bridges on Jerry Run Road before voting on purchasing the drop bridges and making them permeant. His question was why the Township’s bridges were mad unusable before an official vote was made on purchasing the new bridges. He also wanted to know if the bridges were bided out, and why were the bids not read at the meeting.

            Brandie explained there was no bids to be read, nobody had bided on the bridges. We only had the estimate from ADM welding and the estimate from the Bridge company that would build bridges from scrapped.

            Dale’s questions set Frank Ross off, Frank sated he was tired of being the only to be addressed with questions and that the other two Supervisors could be asked questions and they could answer them as well.

            During the conversation between Frank and Dale, Frank asked me to turn off the recording, Dale asked me to leave the recording on.  Dale sat quietly and listened to what Frank had to say.  Frank feels that Dale is being nick picky and he is tired of all the questions.  Frank suggested that maybe he run for office then he can sit in the Supervisor chair. 

            Once this was over, Dale told the Supervisors that the two “No parking signs” by the black bridge are missing. The Supervisors talked about replacing them or maybe putting up some type of barrier.

            Walter Sipe asked if the audit could be posted on our new website, Brandie had already done that. He stated he mowed, and the mower ran the best it has, but the wheel pins must have been put in wrong they fell off. He will try to mow every 7-10n depending on weather.

Pay Bills as Presented:

            A motion was made by Walter Sipe and seconded by Frank Ross to bay bills as presented.

            All present in favor and motion carried.

Other reports:

            Next meeting will be held October 13, 2021, at the Grove Township building, the meeting will begin at 5:00 pm.

On a motion made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to adjourn the September 8, 2021, meeting at 5:5-

Respectfully submitted,

Brandie Sherry, Secretary