November minutes


November 10, 2021

Chairman Robert Bushor called the Wednesday, November 10, 2021, meeting to order in the Grove Township Bldg. at 5:00pm,

Present were, Robert Bushor, Brandie Sherry via conference call Frank Ross and Walter Sipe

Absent: none

Visitors: Dale Wood, Melvin Kehl



            A motion was made by Walter Sipe and seconded by Frank Ross to accept the minutes as presented.

            All presents were in favor and the motion carried.


            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to accept the financial reports as presented.

            All presents were in favor and the motion carried.


            The State Auditor was at the office building doing the Liquid fuel audit for the past three years, there was no findings. This means we spent our money where and how it is allowed to be spent from the liquid fuels account.

            The Potter County education council sent a letter explaining how well the program was working to teach high school students EMS and fire courses at the local vo-tech school, they also included a budget with a break down of where all the money is being spent.

            The ball field is winterized, and the bathrooms are locked in the winter.

            Received a letter from P. joseph Lehman, Inc thanking us for choosing them in 2021 and asking us to continue our relationship with them in 2022

            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Frank Ross to continue using P. Joseph Lehman, Inc. as the Township’s engineering firm.

            All presents were in favor and the motion carried.


             Nothing new to report, basic road maintenance and preparing for winter.


            The proposed 2022 budget is done and ready to be advertised for the public to be able to view it.

            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to advertise in the newspaper that the budget will be available for viewing at the office.

            All presents were in favor and the motion carried.

            Driftwood has asked Grove to do their winter maintenance for this winter, and this would be an intergovernmental agreement.

            Walter Sipe does not think this is a good idea because if something major happens to our equipment then our taxpayers would have to pay to fix the equipment and that does not seem fair.  Grove Township would have to plow their roads first before Driftwood’s roads. Frank Ross said it seems fine it not a lot of roads and it will help our neighbor and stated that it would be up to Melvin Kehl because he will be the one doing it. Walter Sipe asked if there was not some private contractor that would be available to do this for the borough. Brandie explained that they have not found anyone, and that Gibson doubled the price last year without warning, so the Borough is looking for other places. Robert Bushor suggested that we table it and wait to see if the Borough can find any small contractors first and see if Merle Sherry can attend the next meeting and discuss this.


            Dale Woods:  asked who Troxell is, and Brandie explained it is our CPA and the are the same CPA out of Dubois that we have been using forever.

            Dale Wood asked what was wrong with the Mack truck and where is the bill for it. There is no bill for this work and Frank explained that during inspection it was found that the king pins were wore and while it was apart, they worked on brakes that were rusted and springs were wore.

            Dale Woods wanted to know if there will be a breakdown on the Jerry Run Projects this year, with equipment, wages, and material, included in the financial report as did last year.  Brandie stated that yes, she will do that.

            Dale asked if the Supervisors had had time to look over the violations that he brought up at the last meeting concerning the purchase of the bridges and the bids. It was acknowledged that yes indeed there was an error in the bidding process. There should have been a second ad placed in the paper, when no bids were received for the first one.

            Frank explained that any questions or concerns with this issue should go to Paul Malize, Dale made the comment that he will take it to the state and that an ethics violation you can take up to 5 years to file it.

            It was explained again that public comment is for comments only not questions, and any information that is wanted to be viewed by the public must go through the Right to know process, come into the office fill out a right to know request, and a charge can be placed on the copies.

Pay Bills as Presented:

            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walt Sipe to pay bills as presented.

            All present in favor and motion carried.

Other reports:

            Next meeting will be held December 8,2021 at the Grove Township building, the meeting will begin at 5:00 pm.

On a motion made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to adjourn the November 10, 2021, meeting at 5:40

Respectfully submitted,

Brandie Sherry, Secretary