NEW Office Hours

The Personnel meeting the other day was to tell the current Supervisors that I had taken a full time position at a local school. I don’t want to give up my hours here at Grove Township, I have been in this position since 2015, but I needed them to work with me and my hours of availability. So, it is basically new for them and me and will have all agreed time frame to try this out and see if it works for all. My office hours will vary from day to day, but I will be glad to set up an appointment if that is needed. My personal cell is 814-512-8303, I may not be able to answer as soon as you call so please leave a message or shoot me a text. The Supervisor’s will help you if they can or can also reach me.

If you have an issue, question or would like a septic permit please send me an email to I check the emails frequently during the day. If requesting a septic permit, please include your mailing address and I will get one in the mail ASAP.

You may leave payments or write me note and leave it in the mailbox on the office railing. I am going to have the Supervisor’s make the mailbox lockable, so people making payments will feel more comfortable. I will take care of it and if needed I will call you.

Thank you for your understanding and corporation.

Brandie Sherry

Grove Township

Secretary and Treasurer