June Minutes

June 9, 2021

Wednesday June 9, 2021

This meeting was held via conference call due to COVID.

Chairman Robert Bushor called the Wednesday, June 9, 2021, meeting to order in the Grove Township Bldg. at 5:00pm   via conference call

Present were Robert Bushor, Frank Ross, Walter Sipe via phone , Brandie Sherry

Absent:  none

VISITORS:  Melvin Kehl



A motion was made by Walter Sipe and seconded by Frank Ross to accept the minutes as presented.

All present were in favor and motion carried.


            A motion was made by Frank Ross and seconded by Walter Sipe accept the financial reports as presented.

            All present were in favor and motion carried.


            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to pay bills as presented.

            All present were in favor and motion carried.


            Grove Township is eligible to apply to the CDBG funds, these funds are used to help clean up blight, not sure if we had any projects that would fall under this funding.

            USDA sent a letter with information about the Community Facilities Loan  and grant program.  This funding can be used on our bridge updates.

            The county is ending the Declaration of Emergency due to COVID, so we need to have a resolution to do the same, waiting on the wording from the County so we can use it. 

            Shannon Penfield called and asked about renting the ball field for the Zuback family reunion in June, but they had one request if we could please make sure the building was clean, and if the bird poo could be pressured washed off the cement.  Both Frank and Robert said they will get it done once I give them the date.


            Frank Ross reported that the township is getting millings from the local road projects that we can use on future projects. 

            Some routine maintenance was done on the trucks.


                        Brandie reported that the township was just informed that they must apply through DCED for the COVID monies.  She is working on the application. 

            Walter Sipe reported that the lawn mower deck needs some work, he will purchase the wheel that fell off it, and will do some welding on the deck.  He stated that it still has an overheating problem and is leaking fluids.  Frank reminded him to only mow what must be mowed and nothing more to help save the mower.  Frank will mow the area behind the fence with his large tractor mower to save on our mower.

            Walter also stated that there are two trees laying down at the ballfield and he was wondering if they can get cut up, as well as a tree by the dumpster.

            Walter asked if Emmerson could make sure he weed eats the Jericho cemetery well, Walt and Dale Woods are going to donate time to reset some of the stones that have fallen over or been moved and clean up the stones.

            Crestline sewers need to have a flow meter installed according to our DEP permit, to do this, they need an engineer to draw up the plans and apply for the permit to do the work.  Robert Bushor has been in contact with the township’s engineers P. Joseph Lehman, they sent a proposal back to be signed. 

            Crestline accounts will have to pay for all the expenses involved with this project, Brandie stated that some of the covid federal money can be used for sewer and water projects. 

            A motion was made by Walter Sipes and seconded by Robert Bushor to accept P. Joseph Lehman’s proposal to complete the plans and application, with the understanding that Crestline will fund the project.

            All present in favor, motion carried. 



Next meeting will be held on July 14, 2021, at the township building the meeting will begin at 5:00 p.m.

On a motion made by Walter Sipe and seconded by Frank Ross to adjourn the June 9, 2021, meeting at 5:20

Respectfully submitted,

Brandie Sherry, Secretary