February 10, 2021

This meeting was held via conference call due to COVID, and Brandie was on quarantine.

Chairman Robert Bushor called the Monday, February 10, 2021 meeting to order in the Grove Township Bldg. at 5:02pm  

Present were Robert Bushor, Frank Ross, Brandie Sherry, and Walter Sipe


VISITORS:  Jeff Nachman and Michael

ADDITIONS TO THE AGENDA: Michael works for Community and Economical Development and he is currently working together with Jeff Nachman developing a plan to bring some type of business to Grove Township.  Jeff is interested in the possibility of creating a conversational and recreational business, maybe a center where people to come to and get information and be able to experience the area of Sinnamahoning firsthand.  He is very interested in possibility leasing the property by the ball field (parking area), The Supervisors suggested they talk to the Cameron County Commissioners and that the Township would not be against it, but we would have to check on our liability.

READING OF THE MINUTES of January meeting

A motion was made by Walter Sipe and seconded by Frank Ross to accept the minutes as presented.

All present were in favor and motion carried.


            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sip accept the financial reports as presented.

            All present were in favor and motion carried.


            A motion was made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Sipe to pay bills as presented.

            All present were in favor and motion carried.


            Brandie would like to attend the PSATS conference April 18-21st.

            The County Aid completed report needs signed by Frank for the $5,000 towards the Jerry Run Slide project.

            The township has switched propane companies from AmeriGas to Friday’s Gas & oil.  They offered the lowest price when Brandie called around, they provide a tank free of charge.  Walter Sipe suggested that the township investigate purchasing their own tank so if another company offered lower price, we would not have to keep switching tanks.


            There have no complaints about the road conditions through out the snow weather we have had.

            Frank has been keeping up with the equipment maintenance.  There seems to be an electric issue with the F550, and he is waiting for a good time to take it in to get looked out, cannot have it in shop if it is bad weather.

            We want to enlarge the garage door to fit a 12’2”x11’ door.  Overhead door gave us an estimate of approx. $2,300 for the new door.  Gambino Construction is going to give us a quote and Brandie will call Victor Cook for a quote.

            There are two supervisors positions up this year, a 6-year term which is Walt Sipe and a 2-year term that is Frank Ross position. 



Next meeting will be held on March 10, 2021 at 5:00 p.m.

On a motion made by Robert Bushor and seconded by Walter Bushor to adjourn the February 10, 2021 meeting at 5:30

Respectfully submitted,

Brandie Sherry, Secretary